What is the Point of repointing?

Tile roofs are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability and timeless aesthetics. However, over time, tiles can become damaged or displaced, causing water leaks and other issues. Repointing is a common solution to this problem, but what does it mean?

Repointing a tile roof refers to the process of removing and replacing the cement or mortar that holds the tiles in place. Over time, this material can crack, crumble, or become dislodged, which can lead to leaks and other issues. Repointing involves removing the old cement or mortar and replacing it with new material to ensure that the tiles are secure and properly sealed.

At Garic Roofs, this is the typical process we follow to repoint a tile roof:

  1. Inspect the roof: Before beginning any work, it is important to inspect the roof thoroughly to identify any damaged or displaced tiles, as well as any areas where the flexible cement(repointing) and mortar is cracked or missing.
  1. Remove the damaged material: Using a chisel and grinder, carefully remove the damaged flexible cement (pointing) and mortar around the affected tiles, being careful not to damage the tiles themselves.
  1. Clean the area: Once the damaged material has been removed, clean the area around the tiles to ensure that it is free of debris and dust.
  1. Apply new flexible cement (repointing): Using a trowel, apply new cement or mortar to the area around the tiles, ensuring that it is applied evenly and smoothly.
  1. Allow the material to dry: Allow the new flexible cement (repointing) to dry completely before walking on the roof or exposing it to rain or other elements.

While repointing a tile roof may seem like a simple process, it is important to hire a professional roofing contractor to ensure that the work is done properly and that the roof is properly sealed and protected from water damage. A professional roofer will have the necessary tools and experience to complete the job safely and efficiently, and can also provide advice on how to properly maintain and care for your tile roof to ensure its longevity and durability.

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